Listing sponsors

Name Link Description
Anna Grandl Friend of Evelien Smeets in Austria, my other sponsor :)
Benny Scheers Gave me his entire collection! About 1500 new labels to add yet!
Big Bananas Fruitstore form Amsterdam
Caroline Devulder My sister, she walks trough the entire supermarket with stickers on her belly!
Delfien Smeets My cousin
Dries Vanstraelen Fresh fruit, belgian fruit Dealer and give about 150 fruitlabels!
Evelien Smeets My cousin and hairdresser :)
Gisele Joris Belgian Fruit and veggetables auction company from Sint-Truiden
Karen from Fyffes Plc Europe's leading tropical produce importation company
Mary-Paule Myszor
Miguel Sanchez Trade contact in Spain
My Parents Big source for my labels :)
Natureandmore Dutch organic farm with really nice website!
Nicky Provoost He works in a supermarket in the weekends.
Rony Wouters Gave me lots of labels
Surcouf For fine fruit and vegetables! This man gave me his entire collection of fruit labels! I'm very thankful for that.
Tante Roseline My Aunt in France
Tosca Finke A friend of my cousin who has brought labels from Australia!
Vakantie Zuid Frankrijk Eoulx Zeer rustig gelegen vakantiewoning "Les Romarins" 11km ten zuiden van Castellane