Frequently Asked Questions

How did it al began?

It all started in 1999... With one Fruit Label, then more and more fruitlabels. I liked the different colors and shapes and so it continued to over 1000 fruit etiquettes.

Who gives you the most stickers?

That would definitely be my sister !!!

What is a Price Look-up (PLU) code?

PLU codes have been used by supermarkets since 1990 to make check-out and inventory control easier, faster, and more accurate. PLU codes are used to identify bulk produce (and related items such as nuts and herbs). They tell the supermarket cashier whether an apple is a conventionally grown Fuji apple which may sell for $1.29 per pound versus an organically grown Fuji apple which may sell for $2.29 per pound.

I like your collection and website. Is there anything I can do to help you?

Thanks for loving my website. Of course you can help me with my collection by sponsoring me. Donations are allways welcome. You can always contact me by filling in the contact form. I thank you in advance and will (of course) add you (and your website) to my list of sponsors !

What is the quality of your stickers ?

All stickers that are exposed on this website are scanned from my collection album and cut out in Photoshop. The labels are 150dpi and the size you see is the actual size of the sticker. You can measure it yourself. So if a label is very large (that would probably be a watermelon...), that's its real life size.

What does the "Extra" mean in the detailspage of a sticker?

With "extra" I want to add some extra info that is not common find on every sticker. Sometimes there is a websiteadress printed on a label, somtimes there's a funny fact, or maybe it's a very rare sticker. The text in between the "[ ]" is the reason why I like the sticker so much, if it is a special sticker.

When is a sticker "Special Stix" to you?

A special sticker to me, is a label that has someting funny or isn't like most other stickers. Sometimes it's just the color that is not common, somtimes it's its size or even the country where it originally came from. For a belgian, a label with Paraguyan origin is rather weird !

What is the difference between a fruit and a vegetable?

A fruit contains seeds, a vegetable does not. A fruit is the plant's intended means of reproduction, meant to be eaten by animals so that the seeds contained therin can be planted in a location further away from the original plant, the animal's droppings. A vegetable is any another part of the plant (Root, Stem, Flower, etc.) harvested for food. The popular definitions of fruit and vegetable are somewhat different from the technical definitions. Most people categorize "vegetables" as foods that are eaten as part of a meal's main course and "fruits" as foods that are eaten for dessert or as a snack.